doing what you love

ok so this is a very random post from me… no beautiful brides, handsome grooms or gorgeous fotoartista girls, not even a flower or seedpod.

Just a guy riding a motorbike.

(albeit the most exquisitely designed and possibly the most artfully crafted machines I’ve ever seen)

Perhaps this isn’t for everyone… bikes may not be your thing and this bike in particular may not be your style… but this clip totally resonates with me not purely because of my longstanding love affair with my own motorbike (a particularly beautiful moto-guzzi 850T for those interested) but because the pure LOVE and passion this guys has for what he does.

check it out

Shinya Kimura from Adam Richards on Vimeo.

Perhaps I’m posting this as another way to express the love I have for what I do… the joy it brings me and the way I am mesmerised by the beauty of the people I get to photograph.

or perhaps I just wanted to have a clip of a super cool japanese guy riding a most exquisite machine on my blog 😉



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