happy long weekend

I love easter.

It’s such a confusing little festival to celebrate though… christian? pagan? darryl-lea? I don’t know.  but whatever angle you take,  there’s this brilliant new-life symbolism going on through the whole easter egg motif.

personally I’m not a fan of eggs.  I think they belong to the chickens.  but I love the idea that we all come from something very simple and perfect.

so perfect and unique and so full of potential like this little fella –

If I was a fan of eggs they’d certainly look a little like these ones, which were photographed in my friend’s backyard some time ago.

have a great holiday y’all 😉


3 Replies to “happy long weekend”

  1. Beautiful eggs, darling! And I hadn’t quite pieced together the egg symbolism for my own Easter this year … 🙂

    PS. we miss you! Have a great long weekend and let’s have that beer soon xx

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