Denise and Michael

Every year I get to photograph a wedding that just blows me away.

This year I photographed a wedding in the snow… and I felt a little like I was witnessing a fairytale.

Denise Yates… this is your life 🙂

D.A.Yates Photography and Design

You should definitely check out the slideshow here.


9 Replies to “Denise and Michael”

  1. Oh love, where do we start?
    It was my dream for you to photograph us, our moment. And lets be honest, I am not the easiest subject to photograph. A. Being a photographer and B. Disliking being in front of the camera. But you reminded me of what we do, of how it feels to be on the other side and never could I ask for a better person to be in front of. Why? You are a supreme talent. You have an ease while I know your mind is creating magical scenes, you are cool as snow (ha). Your artistic abilities have no limits, yet what you capture is romantic, etherial, and what us brides imagine love to be. It is whimsical, it is dreamy, this is what we all picture in our minds, and you my friend are one of the few who know how to deliver this. There is no bullshit, its just straight, honest and damm right mindblowing photography. Love, love love, them all. Never before have i have looked at a photo of myself and said “wow” until now..

  2. These are AMAZING!!! Wow is an under statement – Denise he has captured the real feminine goddess that you are, and Michael and lady Lila shine through as themselves also! These are stunning!! Congrats on renewing your vows xxx

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