Danny’s Farm

It’s no secret that my passion in photography is doing creative portraits in my studio, mostly of women. I love the transformation that unfolds during a session and the interplay between my creative input and what my subject brings to the shoot. It really feels like a magical process.

Last month I found myself in completely different, but no less magical photographic circumstances. A local farmer asked me to do some location portraits of him on his farm for a magazine submission. I spent such a beautiful afternoon wandering around this rustic and well loved farm with farmer Danny, learning about how things work on the farm.

It was a refreshing change, for a number of reasons. First of all. This is Danny.



He is obviously a dude.

Plus he has free range chickens and ducks.

Plus he cooks beautiful friands and tarts using the ingredients he has gathered from his backyard.

But most of all, this inspiring young man is so passionate about where he lives and the animals that he looks after. I’ve never met anyone so connected and in love with the land they live on.



He’s got big dreams for his little farm, but right now he is on a mission to connect people with where their food comes from. He makes and sells a range of products like seasonal fruit friands and portugese tarts at local markets that he cooks himself from sustainable and ethically grown ingredients from his farm.

You can check out his website or instagram page to see what he is up to, or head on down to the Sunday market at Daylesford and say hi.


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