quoth the raven nevermore




More from the amazing shoot with Susanna O’Leary… such a talented women, and wonderful to photograph.

broderick-photography-gold-coast-portraits-susanna079 broderick-photography-gold-coast-portraits-susanna081 broderick-photography-gold-coast-portraits-susanna088 broderick-photography-gold-coast-portraits-susanna093


This woman….



is smart, courageous, inspiring and STUNNING.

Head over to her facebook page to find out more about the wonderful work she does – Intuitive Motherhood

Many more photos from her divine photoshoot to come…


Mother of two small children and business owner, Anna decided to give herself the gift of a makeover portrait shoot for her 30th birthday. Here are some more photos from the series we made on the day….

broderick-photography-gold-coast-portraits-anna012 broderick-photography-gold-coast-portraits-anna013 broderick-photography-gold-coast-portraits-anna014 broderick-photography-gold-coast-portraits-anna015


I think you’ll agree that she is not only stunning, but so photogenic, able to express many intriging aspects to her beauty.  These sessions are a wonderful way to express your oftentimes hidden beauty and come away feeling empowered.  If you are interested in getting one of these portrait sessions done, go over to my website for some more info, and send me an email… I’d love to have you in the studio 🙂



Yellow like a sunflower

This is by far one of my favourite fine art images. The bend in the stem, the curve of the leaves, the tilt of the flower head… the sunflower appears graceful and awkward to me all at once. I love how these opposites seem to co-exist to create something beautiful and almost defiant and resilient.


I have started a daily chakra meditation by the wonderful Belinda Davidson (oh look, you can buy a copy for yourself here http://belindadavidson.com/store/) and the colour of the third chakra is “yellow like a sunflower” and every time, this is what I visualise.

My graceful awkward sunflower.

The third chakra embodies the ‘Peaceful Warrior’ It’s about personal power and finding your way in the world.  For me, this sunflower fits the brief.



Liana got in touch with me shortly after her fourth child Thomas was born.  She told me she wanted some natural photos of her being a mum, as this was going to be her last child and she somehow wanted to document that milestone.

Being a fabulous photographer herself, she has plenty of photos of all her children, but wanted something special that captured the relationship between her and her child, something that would represent her as a mother to all her children.

What a beautiful idea… I’m especially drawn to capturing the more symbolic aspects of who people are and their relationships with each other. ‘Mother’ is such a powerful, nurturing, compassionate and creative figure.  Such a wonderful concept to celebrate both symbolically and materially (love you mum!)

Thank you Liana x