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Danny’s Farm

It’s no secret that my passion in photography is doing creative portraits in my studio, mostly of women. I love the transformation that unfolds during a session and the interplay between my creative input and what my subject brings to the shoot. It really feels like a magical process.

Last month I found myself in completely different, but no less magical photographic circumstances. A local farmer asked me to do some location portraits of him on his farm for a magazine submission. I spent such a beautiful afternoon wandering around this rustic and well loved farm with farmer Danny, learning about how things work on the farm.

It was a refreshing change, for a number of reasons. First of all. This is Danny.


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A couple of weeks ago, my studio went back in time as I photographed the cast of an upcoming local theatre production called Hollow.


It is a well know story of this area – of three young children who wander off one day in 1867 when Daylesford was a small gold mining town. It is a tragic, but gripping tale that has been re-imagined by writer and director Megan Riedl and performed by these talented (and photogenic) actors at the local Town Hall this weekend.

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Studio Test



Finally I have finished setting up and painting my new little home studio in Daylesford.  It’s taken quite a while (and a lot of paint!) to get things just right.  Thought I might share a couple of lighting tests that I did with the uber talented Lorne Gerlach.

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Sassy Pregnancy Pics



It’s been a busy couple of months here at the beach studio… I have been almost over-run with pregnancy, newborn and family shoots.  It has been an interesting change from my usual fashion portrait work.

I thought I’d show you some photos from the wonderfully creative pregnancy shoot I got to do last month with Courtney.  Normally mums that come to me for pregnancy photos want a very feminine and earthy style to their photos.  Not Courtney, she wanted edgy… something creative and different.

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