Mother Daughter

Studio Test

Finally I have finished setting up and painting my new little home studio in Daylesford.  It’s taken quite a while (and a lot of paint!) to get things just right.  Thought I might… Continue reading


More from my recent favorite shoot with the gorgeous Bryanna

colour magic

My current favorite image from a wonderful shoot with this sweet gorgeous soul, Bryanna


Sassy Pregnancy Pics

It’s been a busy couple of months here at the beach studio… I have been almost over-run with pregnancy, newborn and family shoots.  It has been an interesting change from my usual fashion… Continue reading

The bella Vita

This gorgeous creature came in to the studio not long ago, and gave me some knock-out images.  You can check out her new single here


As you can see, this woman has it all going on… the smoldering looks (oh yes!) the smarts, the passion and the heart. Such a pleasure to photograph…  

the falling

beach balloons



fly away





quoth the raven nevermore


More from the amazing shoot with Susanna O’Leary… such a talented women, and wonderful to photograph.


Susanna O’Leary

This is part of a wonderful series I did with Susanna O’Leary for her upcoming album… What a pleasure to work with this talented woman. You can check out her music here


…like no one is watching. *except maybe the photographer and makeup artist


This woman…. is smart, courageous, inspiring and STUNNING. Head over to her facebook page to find out more about the wonderful work she does – Intuitive Motherhood Many more photos from her divine… Continue reading


Mother of two small children and business owner, Anna decided to give herself the gift of a makeover portrait shoot for her 30th birthday. Here are some more photos from the series we… Continue reading

Beautiful Anna





The seer


Yellow like a sunflower

This is by far one of my favourite fine art images. The bend in the stem, the curve of the leaves, the tilt of the flower head… the sunflower appears graceful and awkward… Continue reading

Crazy Cat man

Marionette Ballerina

play me a tune, Grace…

Grace by name and nature

Blue Skies

It’s Friday (oh yay!) and I am so thankful for the stunning blue skies that the Gold Coast winter adorns us with. The daily migration of these cheeky cockatoos is also a moment… Continue reading


Liana got in touch with me shortly after her fourth child Thomas was born.  She told me she wanted some natural photos of her being a mum, as this was going to be… Continue reading

Beautiful Mama

be yourself

This one is especially for young women who so often forget that real beauty, legendary beauty, isn’t about pretty eyes, skinny legs, shiny long hair or lush lips, it is something else entirely… Continue reading


Attention modelling agencies – Just another reason you should snap this guy up…

New model talent – Dylan Llaurador

As you can see, this kid is a total natural – Modelling Agents – go snap him up right away! (More pics to come soon.)    


So often I agonise over decisions when I know in reality it is hard to make the wrong choice… I believe we are really just deciding between two different paths. And how often… Continue reading

The Horse and the Lamb


Friday again and I have a beautiful landscape for you of snow capped mountains in Switzerland. Mountains have such power over me where ever I find them, and these ones were particularly overwhelming.… Continue reading

Sarah Collyer

This beautiful woman is one of my favorite people to photograph. And I think Currumbin is one of my favorite places to photograph. And her voice gives me goosebumps.  Go listen

You are here

Hello Friday! Here’s a photo to remind you that even if you feel like you have lost your way, the truth is, you probably haven’t. If you’re anything like me, you know how… Continue reading


It’s Friday again! This week I find myself thankful for the solitude that sometimes comes with colder weather… there is less desire to be outside and more opportunities to snuggle up nice and… Continue reading


This girl… Such a dream to photograph. Innocence and mystery. A beautiful combination indeed.

You make a difference

This is one of my favorite photos at the moment because the words remind me that even our smallest actions can have great impact. Why not share this with a friend…? let them… Continue reading

Shea and Lily

It’s a beautiful thing, the relationship between dogs and humans… the one between Lily and Shea is no exception.    

Thank-you Thursday

So I have decided to start a thing… a thing where I give a photo away every week as a thank you. I have so many things in my life to be thankful… Continue reading